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When you are involving the legal system with your most intimate familial relations, emotional stress is likely to be running high. At The Law Office of Lawrence A. Fox, Esquire, we provide compassionate, caring representation for all of your family law needs. We understand the difficult times you may be facing. Contact us to discuss your concerns.

A Lawyer to Represent You through Your Divorce

Few life events are more traumatic than the breakdown of a marriage. Unfortunately, the divorce process is rarely a matter of simply deciding to end the marriage. From a legal standpoint, it can be very complex and involved.

When you have intertwined your life with that of another, separating the two may require consideration of a number of factors. You may have to address issues of child custody, child support, parenting time (visitation), alimony and division of property. When undergoing such complicated divorce proceedings, an experienced attorney can minimize the time and energy you have to expend in this process.

In addition to experience, though, I offer compassionate and caring representation. Anytime children are involved in a divorce, I am concerned with their best interests and strive to protect those interests.

Legal Representation for Other Family Law Matters

In addition to divorce, there are other aspects of family law that I handle. Whether you want to obtain a restraining order to prevent domestic violence or create a prenuptial agreement to minimize future strife, I have the experience to effectively assist you. I help clients establish domestic partnerships, or to separate when these partnerships are no longer working. Whatever your legal needs, I can help you.

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