Child Support

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Child support is often a highly contested issue before, during and after a divorce. At The Law Office of Lawrence A. Fox, Esquire in New Jersey, we are dedicated to providing tailored representation to clients with child support matters. We handle cases for clients involved with a divorce or who have never been married. Child support affects everyone involved, especially the children, whose interests need to be protected.

Child support is calculated by entering income and expense amounts into a formula. This formula calculates the amount of support. The accuracy of the calculation is dependent on the numbers supplied by the parties. It is very important that all income and expenses be accounted for during this calculation. If necessary, I can arrange the investigation of potential hidden income to ensure the amount of child support granted is correct. Daycare expenses, medical expenses, and other extracurricular expenses should be included in the amount of support ordered.

Child Support Modifications

When the circumstances of either parent have substantially changed, such as an increase or decrease in income due to the permanent loss of a job or a promotion, the modification of a child support order can be sought. I advise and represent clients who are seeking the modification of an established support order or attempting to prevent a modification.

In most instances where questions from a divorce involves children, the court is required to apply the standard of what is in the best interests of the children. I zealously and compassionately represent the interests of my clients while keeping the children, and how the outcome may affect them, utmost in my mind.

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