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Helping You File Personal Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Bankruptcy is rarely anyone's first choice to deal with pressing financial matters. When you are in over your head with debt, though, bankruptcy may be your best option. Contact Lawrence A. Fox, Esquire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, today to find out if bankruptcy might be the right decision for you.

Even if you decide upon filing personal bankruptcy, though, you will still be making a choice between two options. If you do not have funds to pay creditors but you need to eliminate your debts, Chapter 7 may be your best solution. If you want to reorganize your debts, or save a home from sheriff sale Chapter 13 may be your better option.

Eliminating Your Debt with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you successfully file a petition for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you will be able to discharge your debts. This will provide you with a fresh start and the solid ground on which to build a strong financial future. You won't be responsible for paying your outstanding obligations.

Reorganizing Your Debt with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are overwhelmed with debt, but don't want to surrender or lose any of your property , Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be your best option. Chapter 13 provides for the reorganization of debts. With the guidance of the bankruptcy law, we will create a manageable payment plan so that you can maintain your properties while getting your outstanding financial obligations under control.

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